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Google Log.

Google Log - Graeme Clark - 31/1/11

Google Log – 31/1/11


No changes today. Still the same largely war orientated searches. I’m thinking about trying to alter it myself. I could try to get ‘when did graeme clark search google’???


1 Thing Each Day…

Brian Mackern

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The Stalker by Tarkovsky - Remixed by Brian Mackern - 2010

Brian Mackern – Remix – 2010

Brian Mackern performs his remix of the film, the Stalker by Tarkovsky. The performance took place on November 11, 2010 at the Cultural Center of Spain in El Salvador, as part of the exhibition, A Modular Framework (Blurb taken from video).

Brilliant piece of work.



Squares Remix - Graeme Clark - 2010


Squares – 2010


This is a ‘remix drawing’ taken directly from my sketchbook. What do I mean by ‘remix drawing’? By using the pages to fold over sections I can alter and edit text in the same way a DJ would remix a rap. It is of course a much more basic way of doing this but I like these drawings as they hark back to the initial ‘cut/copy and paste’ theory of early music and art.



Google Log.

Google Log - Graeme Clark - 30/1/11

Google Log – 30/1/11


No changes today.

1 Thing Each Day…

William Kentridge – Weighing and Wanting

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Weighing and Wanting - William Kentridge - (Still)

Weighing and Wanting – William Kentridge


South African artist William Kentridge has attracted international attention for his innovative animated films in which simple charcoal drawings seem to magically come alive to tell deeply personal stories that function as broadly allegorical tales for our times. William Kentridge: Weighing and Wanting is an installation of charcoal, pastel and gouache drawings and a film transferred to laser disk which is based on the drawings. (Blurb taken from animation.)

Kentridge creates his animations through constantly drawing and erasing the same work.


Sandwich Commentary (Part2).

Sandwich Commentary – Part 2

Click link above to view video.

Sandwich Commentary - Graeme Clark - Part 2

Sandwich Commentary – Part 2 – 2010


Part two of the film I posted yesterday.


Google Log.

Google Log - Graeme Clark - 29/1/11

Google Log – 29/1/11


No changes today.