Google Lists Study - Graeme Clark - 2010

when did – Google (2010)

The idea for this piece came from studying the way in which Google creates lists to help us search quicker. The system records searches and adds them to give the recurring searches a higher place in their list. For example in my piece, ‘when did – Google, more people wanted to know ‘when did the world cup start’ than people who wanted to know, ‘when did shakespeare die’. What was even more astonishing was that at the bottom of Google’s ‘top ten’ was ‘when did hitler die’!

This presentation of the work took place last year within a college crit. I stretched the screenshot image to fill the laptop screen. Although people questioned my choice of presentation, the piece was very successful. I have since gone on to try a few other ideas on the same theme. I have tried various other 2 word captions in the browser to document other lists. I have also continued to record the results of these ever changing lists with the piece ‘Google Trial’.

Google Trial - Graeme Clark - 2010

Google Trial (2010)

Here is a mock-up of how I intend to exhibit my list findings. I hope to log them over a 3 month period from now until April.


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