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Google Log - Graeme Clark - 17/1/11

Google Log – 17/1/11


No change today. Just a thought on why their might be so many historical entries at the moment. It could be to do with the amount of people sitting exams at the moment. These are the kind of questions lots of young kids sitting their prelims might need to know for say, a history exam. Just a thought.


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I am a 22 year old art student, studying Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art, in 4th year. View all posts by graemeaclark

2 responses to “Google Log.

  • barbara clark

    It’s Higher History on Wednesday – I’m sure that’s why!
    Do you see a lot of change in the lists on a daily basis or does it tend to always be the same questions. And, is there anyway to could manipulate the list by getting others to ask the same question (maybe through a facebook campaign?)and see if it changes at all

    • graemeaclark

      It is certainly something I have thought of. I am going to document the Google Log for at least 3 months to see how many changes occur. It tends to be every two or three days that there is any significant change. Over time the list becomes completely different, usually within around 1 month.

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