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“Increasingly, however, the artwork’s “immaterial” side came down from its idealist cloud and took on the comparatively tangible form of writing. In Duchamp’s case, these writings were highly idiosyncratic texts reproduced in an equally idiosyncratic form, as facsimiles of original handwritten notes; they emphasized that the linguistic “explanation” is itself as problematic as the visual component of the work, and that Duchamp, like Mary Poppins, never really explains anything.”(Lutticken, year: 30).

This quote taken from Sven Lutticken’s essay, “The Writing on the Wall”, states exactly how Duchamp’s work came across. His ‘idiosyncratic’ approach to art could be said to represent the entire structure of the Dada movement. The way in which Duchamp constructed ideas and the way in which he thought focused entirely on the breakdown of meaning. Why did he choose the subject matter he did? I’m interested in the way in which he caused confusion or made sense of the inexplicable.

Graeme Clark



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