Google Log.

Google Log - Graeme Clark - 17/2/11

Google Log – 17/2/11


Plenty of changes today in the log. ‘are the trains running today’ has dropped 3 places. Its brother ‘are the trains running’ has risen by three to take its place in 2nd. ‘are lingus’ has risen 4 spaces to 6th place. ‘are 0845 numbers free’ has left the list completely, as has, ‘are snow chains legal in the uk’. The two new entries are, ‘are aliens real’ and ‘are sweden’ respectively. ‘are aliens real’ adds to the strong theme of the supernatural in our list with ‘are ghosts real’ and ‘are vampires real’ sitting just above. ‘are sweden’ I can only presume to be an attempt at ‘air’ sweden but I am not entirely sure. Great google logging day!

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I am a 22 year old art student, studying Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art, in 4th year. View all posts by graemeaclark

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