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Google Log.

Google Log - Graeme Clark - 31/3/11

Google Log – 31/3/11

No changes on the list today with, ‘is jackie chan dead’, still at No.1. I feel it might take quite some time for it to disappear. How do you jackie feels about this?

The only other change is the Google Logo which has changed to commemorate the 200th birthday of Robert Bunsen. Click the link to view a wikipedia page on Bunsen.


1 Thing Each Day…

Dan Tague - Reality Sucks

Reality Sucks

Click the link above to view the artists site.

The image to the left is actually taken fromĀ

Tague produces text works by folding and manipulating dollars. There are obvious political connotations given that the messages on money are often historical statements. Check out his other stuff as I think they are interesting text works.



Google Posting.

I have been looking for something that people would want to search to try and get it into the list. However it is proving to be very difficult. ‘is jackie chan dead’ was a Twitter post that people immediately entrusted Google to answer. The interesting thing is that these people clearly also knew or created bogus pages that said he was. These sites came up when you searched it. Seems like a lot of trouble to go to say someone is dead when they are not. Very interesting though.

Google Log.

Google Log - Graeme Clark - 30/3/11

Google Log – 30/3/11

Out of nowhere, ‘is jackie chan dead’, has shot to the top of the list! I have had a research on this and found that he is not dead. However it seems to be the work of someone on twitter and is quite sinister. I think with the recent deaths in the public eye like nate dogg and elizabeth taylor, someone decided to create a horrible hoax.

However it has interested me in how difficult it would be to create something that could top the Google list. What would people so interested in that I could get them to keep searching??? Preferably not something that would be viscous or controversial, but sadly that might be the only thing people want to know about? I’ll have a think about it.

1 Thing Each Day…

A Five Day Walk - Richard Long - 1980

Richard Long

I’ve been looking at the way Long describes his walks in text form and wandering if I could title my works in a similar way.

In relation to ’24hour Wheel’,

10 tenths

10 films

2.40 sections

1 day

Not sure if this works but it certainly could with a bit of selection and time spent on it.

Title Selection.

I am researching at the moment in an attempt to find an appropriate way to title my work. The piece I posted a few days ago under the title ’24hour wheel’, doesn’t convey the whole process of the piece.

24hour Wheel

I have been showing this work to my peers and tutors and they all seem to question why I chose to frame it with the two black areas. However, these are not just black areas. They are in fact, starting from the bottom, the times of day from midnight, 2.40am,9.20pm and then midnight again. I recorded the wheel spinning at 2.40min installments throughout a day and showed a tenth of each film on the same screen.

I had thought of titling the piece, ’10 films taken at 2.40min installments throughout 1 day’. However, I don’t like the length of the title at the moment and I am not sure if this even conveys the process.

I am open to any ideas and suggestions.

Google Log.

Google Log - Graeme Clark - 29/3/11

Google Log – 29/3/11

Major changes today! First of all, ‘is facebook down has dropped 2 places and been replaced by, ‘is facebook shutting down’. This is a new entry and you can just imagine the huge amount of people sent into utter panic when they either searched this or saw it already on the list.

There is also a new entry in at No.10 – ‘is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler’. I have no idea what this is but obviously a lot of people wanted to know. We are a strange set of human beings.