Google Log.

Google Log - Graeme Clark - 10/3/11

Google Log – 10/3/11

Finally a change!!! It has been about 2 weeks of no movement but finally here we go.

First of all, ‘are you interested’ has risen one spot to 2nd. So too has ‘are we there yet’ with ‘aer lingus’ rising 2 spots to 4th. ‘Ghosts, vampires and aliens’ have all risen 2 places but have stuck together in their supernatural threesome! ‘are sweden’ has also gone up 2 places and  the dreaded ‘are 0845 numbers free’ has appeared again. Too many people ending up with costly phone bills! The biggest change is the complete collapse of ‘are the trains running’ and ‘are the trains running today’. The latter has disappeared from the list alltogether and the first has dropped 9 places to bottom spot!!! This is probably due to all the bad weather we experienced throughout the winter months and the many cancellations that occurred in the transport industry. It has just taken its time to leave the list after many millions of searches.

Anyway, great Google Logging day!



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