Google Log.

Google Log - Graeme Clark - 25/3/11

Google Log – 25/3/11

There are a few changes today but I instead want to comment on another aspect of the list.

It is strange to see how much death comes into this list. It may be because lots of people in the public eye have died recently? I’m not sure but it is interesting to note how long these public figures stay on the list in relation to search hits. For example ‘is justin bieber dead’ has maintained a steady position on the list because I presume it is repeatedly seen on the list and therefore searched. He also has a massive fan base so it is possibly that these people really want to know. He is not dead.

However ‘is nate dogg dead’ shot straight to the top of the list earlier last week, knocking santa off of top spot, then within 5 days he had disappeared. ‘is elizabeth taylor dead’ only managed a bottom 5 place and is already beginning to leave the list.



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