Title Selection.

I am researching at the moment in an attempt to find an appropriate way to title my work. The piece I posted a few days ago under the title ’24hour wheel’, doesn’t convey the whole process of the piece.

24hour Wheel

I have been showing this work to my peers and tutors and they all seem to question why I chose to frame it with the two black areas. However, these are not just black areas. They are in fact, starting from the bottom, the times of day from midnight, 2.40am,9.20pm and then midnight again. I recorded the wheel spinning at 2.40min installments throughout a day and showed a tenth of each film on the same screen.

I had thought of titling the piece, ’10 films taken at 2.40min installments throughout 1 day’. However, I don’t like the length of the title at the moment and I am not sure if this even conveys the process.

I am open to any ideas and suggestions.


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I am a 22 year old art student, studying Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art, in 4th year. View all posts by graemeaclark

One response to “Title Selection.

  • Nicola

    Looks great! Titling it is hard….how about
    “10 piece wheel, 10 peice day” or
    “10 piece wheel, 10 part day” or something?
    Sorry you probably think that’s rubbish but it’s the best I can think of!
    Love your Google Log too 🙂

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