Google Log.

Google Log - Graeme Clark - 14/4/11

Google Log – 14/4/11

No changes today in the listings. The Google Logo has returned to normal.

I wanted to discuss the entry, ‘why am i always tired’. Through looking at Google for the last 4-5 months I have realised that people seem to hold nothing back from the internet. Obviously our personal information is constantly heard and recorded by people in this day and age. However, for me anyway, I think questions like the above are too personal to just go putting them into search engines.

This is the kind of question you ask a doctor not a computer. Google has become everyones answer to anything. If you can get it quickly then that seems to be quite valuable which I do understand, but… isn’t that quite a scary way to live.

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I am a 22 year old art student, studying Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art, in 4th year. View all posts by graemeaclark

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