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Changing Light Corridor with Rooms - Bruce Nauman - 1971

Changing Light Corridor with Rooms – 1971

I have been working continuously  in my degree show space for the last few weeks and I decided to erect a corridor in it. This work has been stuck in my head since I chose to build it and I think it is great.

Light isn’t really something I have worked with in this way. I am however really interested in using corridors in the future as I think they have an incredible power to change the feel of a given space.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Nauman created various claustrophobic and enclosed spaces that were designed to disorientate his audiences. In this installation, a long corridor is shrouded in darkness, whilst two rooms on either side are illuminated by bulbs that are timed to flash at different rates. The particular length and width of the corridor, together with the intensity of the intermittent lights, function to direct our movements as we traverse the space. No longer simply passive spectators, Nauman transforms us into active participants who are nevertheless controlled and manipulated by his reconstruction of the gallery’s layout.


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