Hand In Done!

Midnight to Midnight - 10 Tenths of 1 Day

Hand In Done!

Today I handed in my entire degree! A brilliant day but sadly I am very unwell, so I’m not able to enjoy it yet.


I thought I would start going back over the work I have put in for the degree show 2011. I am showing 5 films and the first is ‘Midnight to Midnight – 10 Tenths of 1 Day – 2011.

This work took a lot of effort and time to complete. It is therefore one of the most rewarding pieces I have ever made. As I had to place the bicycle wheel in exactly the same place every 2 hours 40 mins, I was delighted to see how well the image match up. I took 1 tenth of each of the films and layered them across the screen. Wind speeds had a massive effect on the work as at points I could barely get the wheel to spin and on others it went on for ages. This was an added bonus that I hadn’t thought of as initially I only wanted to get a cross-section of light and sound.

Patchwork Effect

I decided to replicate the effect of doing 1/10 of each film. I then made two layers and made the top layer 50% translucent. I like to think of this effect as my own and hope to create more films that capture a cross-section of light and sound using the patchwork effect to tie them together.


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